Shampoo Scalp Massager Green
Shampoo Scalp Massager Green
Shampoo Scalp Massager Green

Shampoo Scalp Massager Green

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The best thing for a deep clean! Beloved Shampoo Scalp Massager is a game changer to achieving clean hair!
- Deep cleans the scalp
- Massages scalp, encouraging circulation, strengthening the root of the hair- Stimulates hair growth
- Helps manage dandruff & itchy scalp
- Relieves stress
Directions: Use as part of your routine hair care. Apply shampoo directly on the brush. Start with small circles at the front of your hairline, working your way backwards. For thicker hair, part your hair in sections to get a deep clean. Simple! Care: To ensure that your scalp massager keeps your hair the cleanest, twist the top from the base to clean and prevent mildew.

Let your hair Be-LOVED!
We do our best to capture the most accurate images but the color may very from what you see on your screen.
Elastic Diameter is between 7"-8" and can fit around hair 2-3 times. All scrunchies are the same diameter of elastic. It is just the volume of fabric that changes. You decided how much scrunchie you want to show off!
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canadian made
designed to last

Beloved uses a Canadian made elastic. Never will it stretch out and snap on you. Quality is most important to Beloved, as we want you to enjoy your purhase for a long time.

Made with intention

Beloved takes time with each item as it is handmade.
Purchasing fabric in person Beloved insures that it is high quality. Focusing on materials that will benefit your hair and promote healthy hair growth.


Sonic - Athletic Scrunchie

The colour of this scrunchie is so gorgeous, such a pop of brightens. The texture of the fabric is very nice!


Absolutely love the extra large scrunchies! I have thick long hair and they still make it twice around my bun!


These beautiful items are Christmas gifts. I am sure that the recipient will love. The fabric and craftsmanship are great..


I use my products every day! The heatless hair curler has changed my life and made my morning routine so much faster!