Pink Stars

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Lined with a food-safe product, made in Canada!

  • 100% CPSIA certified (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act).
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Durable waterproof barrier.
  • Certified free of lead, phosphates, BPA and other harmful chemicals.

Easy to clean!

  • The inner layer can be pulled out for a quick cleaning.
  • OR toss your bag in the washing machine and hang dry.

The perfect design!

  • High quality, easy-to-use zipper makes it easy for small children to open and close on their own.
  • No material catching in the zipper! The zipper is securely sewing in place with space around for no hook ups!
  • Unique flat-bottom design let the bag stand upright, making it simple to fill with yummy snacks or have sit open to enjoy your treat!
  • Two different sizes available!

Customize your Snack Bag with endless 100% cotton print options!